Travel essentials for cold weather

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Although many travellers choose to travel during warm months, there is something special in travelling during the cold season. Interestingly, those places you have been into during summer take a whole different personality in winter. Meaning, the experience you had in a particular destination in summer will be totally different in winter. Therefore, travelling in cold weather gives you a rare opportunity to explore the world in unique and special scenarios.

Travelling in winter is fun. In fact, some destinations are even more romantic during winter than in other seasons and others were meant to have their glow when it’s cold. However, travelling in winter requires proper planning. Otherwise, it can really get cumbersome and make you regret why you made the decision. Over the same, if you know where you are going and what is expected of you, you can have the best experience, whether it’s just a weekend getaway, your honeymoon, a solo trip or a family vacation.

So, to keep you warm and cosy during your cold-weather vacation, consider packing these essentials. These clothes and travel gear are the best companions you can ever have for an amazing cold season travel experience. They won’t only keep you warm but they will also protect you from other harsh weather conditions such as heavy rains and snowfall.

1. Clothes

When packing, your clothes are your priority and compromising is never a good idea. These are the outfits you’ll need.

Snow pants

You need to pack a pair of snow jeans or pants to help you stay warm as you enjoy your winter vacation. Snow pants are very good because they can keep you warm and relaxed even when you are exposed to cold weather all day.


When going on a vacation during the cold season, apart from one heavy jacket, you will need warm sweaters. Warm sweaters are actually a must-have. They are comfortable to wear and will protect you from cold temperatures. Pack at least two sweaters. A black and a brown one will serve you better.


T-shirts are a very good option when it comes to layering. You can easily wear them underneath your other clothing to stay warm. When buying, get the ones made from hemp. The material is naturally insulating just like wool.


If there is one type of outfit you will need in plenty, it’s your scarves. The special thing about scarves is their power to change the overall look of your appearance. Thus, get as many as you can for your various cold-weather trips. In fact, if you can, invest in a scarf collection that spans every colour. That way, you will only need to match the scarves with the sweaters you are bringing along.


Now, if you are to pack two jackets, then your travelling bag will be very bulky. Therefore, purpose to wear your bulky outer jacket on your travel day and then pack another one that is not too heavy. Packing one jacket shouldn’t take much space of your bag.

A pair of gloves

Having a pair of warm gloves in cold environments is very essential. However, choosing the right ones can be quite a challenge in the abundance of all the designs, materials and models. To help you choose the right ones, prioritize your comfort.

Other cloth items to pack include:

  • A hat
  • A dress for ladies
  • Socks
  • A pair of shoes

2. Personal effects

Keep your personal essentials as lightweight as possible. The most ideal option is to make them into one packing cube. A sizeable cube should fit in all your toiletries and makeup kit. If you want to save some space, then consider buying some toiletries at your destination. But if you are too specific on brands and you aren’t sure you will get your brand, then don’t take chances.

3. Moisturizer

Probably you are thinking because you are going to be in the cold you won’t need a moisturizer but hell no! The air in winter is very dry and if you fail to protect your skin, it will soon begin to chap especially your lips. So invest in a good quality moisturizer and use it on your face every night.

4. Humidifier

There are certain places you need to take a humidifier with you because the air can become dry and itchy. A humidifier is good because it prevents dryness in the air and will prevent your skin from the irritation caused by dry air. It can also help ease symptoms caused by cold or flu.

5. Heat packs

When you are out and about in the harsh cold weather, you will need something to keep you warm. Heat packs do that pretty well. Packing them isn’t a problem because they come in different sizes and varieties as well. Be sure to pack a pair of heat packs of your choice to help you deal with the cold.

6. Insulated thermos

If there is one item you shouldn’t compromise on, it’s a thermos. You will need it to keep your drinks hot and nothing is fulfilling like indulging in a hot beverage during the cold weather. Get a sizeable one that will fit well in your ski bag so that you can grab it whenever you need it.

Best way to pack for your cold-weather travel

If this is your first time to travel to a snowy destination, then you may wonder how someone can travel light when everything is so heavy and bulky. Surprisingly, if you are a smart cold weather traveller, it is possible to pack light without compromising on your convenience and comfort. Especially if kids are not involved, you can head to your winter vacation with nothing more than a backpack.

To achieve this, consider wearing all of your heaviest stuff on your travel days. If you wear your bulkiest jacket, that large cosy scarf and those heavy boots, your carry-on bag will have enough space to pack your other stuff. Here’s the trick, first, pack softer and lightweight outfits that are easy to layer. Secondly, choose outfits that can serve you in more than one way.

The good thing about dressing in cold weather is that people will just see the outer outfits. This is not to mean the other outfits aren’t important, but if they can keep you warm and comfortable, the rest shouldn’t worry you at all. Hence, if you have a few outfits you can comfortably wear severally, then pack a few of them and recycle whenever need be.

Enjoy your cold-weather vacation

There you have it, every time you need to head out during the winter season, take your backpack and pack the above essentials. You won’t regret for failing to pack something or even find yourself purchasing items you never budgeted for. Your backpack is the potential to pack all your cold-weather travel essentials.

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