Travel guide for senior women

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As an older woman, you have gone through a lot in life. You have worked hard in your career, you have raised children whether yours biologically or through adoption and not to mention the demands that come with marriage. All these are things that can take a toll on every woman out there.

Therefore, choosing to spend your retirement days travelling and discovering the world is not a luxury but a necessity. You see, when you were younger, you devoted your energy, time and resources to ensure you make the world a better place to live in. You worked hard to pay paid bills, invested and acquired wealth. You raised your children and they are now old enough to take care of themselves. If you now choose to travel and take vacations, you won’t be inconveniencing anyone. You are only making good use of your newfound freedom.

Nothing should stop you from touring new destinations simply because you are an older woman. Interestingly, so many women in their 80s are still backpacking in Africa, Asia, Europe and other contents enjoying life to the fullest. In fact, these women are stronger than women half their age. To them, age is a state of the mind and not a state of the body. So, don’t dispose off or give away your travel gear because you just celebrated your 55th birthday and you are done with your travels. For your information, this should be the beginning of your new travel episodes.

Should senior women travel actually?

Women give a lot to society until they forget about themselves and their well-being. If you are among the many women who couldn’t even consider taking a vacation when they were younger because duty kept on calling, you now have a great opportunity to explore the world without external pressures.

Travelling comes with a number of benefits particularly to older women who have seen and sacrificed a lot in their lives. You aren’t too old to hit the road. You are actually in the right age blanket and here’s why:

You deserve a treat

Just like anyone else, you deserve to be happy. You may have wanted to travel when you were younger but time and resources weren’t favouring you. This could be due to a demanding career or family responsibilities. Now that most of those things have eased up, you are free to tour all those incredible destinations you’ve previously dreamt about. Besides, this is a golden opportunity to spurge yourself without worrying about the people you left home.

New experiences

If you hadn’t had a chance to travel to different destinations and experience new things, now is a good time you get out and see what the other parts of the world have to offer. Travel to that destination you read about, heard a colleague at work talk about or that place you thought it’s breathtaking but your children chose another destination. Go there now, interact with the locals, taste their different cuisines, engage in fun indoor and outdoor activities. Just flow with the wind and do what you weren’t able to do when you were younger.

Learn different cultures and understanding why certain people live and behave the way they do will help you to appreciate life more. This world we all live in is a book with numerous chapters. Don’t limit yourself to living in one place. You will be like a person reading only one chapter of a very interesting book.

Travel tips for senior women

These amazing tips will help you to have fun but at the same time take care of yourself.

Plan your trip

Although there is no perfect plan to deal with all travel uncertainties, having a plan can help solve most of those issues. Thus, it’s important to take a few precautionary measures. If you are on prescribed medicines, ensure you pack enough for the days you will be away from home. A medical problem is enough to ruin what would have been a memorable vacation.

Also, pack the items you are sure you will use. Subjecting yourself to pulling and lifting heavy suitcases is bad enough. It is even worse if you are not going to use those things you struggled to carry. Just pack what is necessary.

Have a copy of your itinerary. It will help you to pack because you’ll be able to tell the kind of gear, clothes and footwear you will need for your trip. Be sure to tell your loved ones about your travel plans. You don’t want your travelling dates crashing with your daughter’s graduation or your nephew’s birthday party.

Book via agency

When travelling to a new destination, it is always important to choose a reputable travel agency. At your age, you do not want to deal with people who can’t deliver. Be very specific with where you are travelling to, the means of transport you want to use and accommodation plans. When you have a professional taking care of your travel plans, you will have enough time to pack, organize yourself and the people you are leaving behind, if any. Moreover, you won’t get frustrated when you reach your destination even if you haven’t been there before.

Be yourself

When your children were young, you probably sacrificed your wishes so that they can have their way. Now that they are grown-ups and you have the freedom to do what you want without inconveniencing anyone, choose the destination you want and the itinerary you are comfortable with. If you want to sleep the whole day, watch movies all night or visit a nearby park the whole afternoon, please do so. You don’t awe anyone any explanation. You are just being yourself and doing what you find joyous.

Make new friends

Some people think that it’s only young people who are supposed to mingle but this is far from the truth. No one is too old to make new friends. Even if you aren’t interested in getting a soul mate or business connections, you can meet other older people with whom you share similar interests. If say you meet other senior ladies who share your values, this can lead to significant long-lasting friendships. This way, you will never have to deal will lonely days in your old age.

Senior women on the go

Now that you are a bit relieved from taking care of your children, spouse and career, why not spice up your next chapter of life by going on vacations? You are never too old to explore your world. Whether you have done it before or you are just starting, let the above tips inspire you to enjoy your golden years in style. If you don’t want to travel alone, bring along other senior women or your spouse. If you have grandchildren, take them on various trips as well. As you impact their lives in such an amazing way, you will benefit from their company. The key point here is to travel to new exciting places either alone or in the company of people who matter to you the most.

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