Travel insurance and its benefits

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So, you are done with packing, the flight tickets are ready and you’ve made accommodation reservation. You have even gone ahead to ask a loved one to dog-sit for the few days or weeks you will be away. But have you thought about travel insurance?

Just the same way you strive to buy insurance cover for the things you value such as your health, car, house, etc, it’s the same way you should for your travels.

Ideally, travel insurance should be your priority every time you consider going for a vacation. Most people who overlook its importance end up regretting it when it’s too late.

Planning a vacation without getting a good travel insurance policy can easily ruin your dream vacation. Remember you are more vulnerable to accidents, illnesses and other misfortunes when you are travelling to a new place. We can’t stop travelling because of that nor can we have a sure way to prevent ourselves from unfortunate incidences while on the move. Therefore, as a smart traveller, you need to consider travel insurance whenever you are travelling.

To understand more about travel insurance and its benefits to travellers, read on.

What are the benefits of travel insurance?

Medical emergencies

One of the main reasons why people take a travel insurance cover is for compensation in case of medical emergencies that may occur during travel. As much as we would want to avoid them, misfortunes happen. You may fall ill immediately you land at your destination or you may even get involved in an accident. Your health insurance coverage may not be enough to cover your medical expenses particularly if you have travelled abroad. In fact, most medical insurance policies have restrictions while others can’t even cover you at all.

Thus, if your health insurance can’t cover you while abroad, consider getting travel insurance that will. Do not take chances, medical treatment is very expensive in some countries. And there are certain medical conditions you can’t wait until you get back home. Also, good travel insurance should cater for medical evacuation such that you won’t have to pay for medical emergency transportation with your money and if you do, you will certainly be reimbursed.

Protection against trip cancellation and interruptions

Some people assume that those who cancel their trips are poor planners. But do you know there are so many reasons that can force you to cancel your trip at the last minute? Come to think of it, your flight to the Bahamas is tomorrow evening. Everything is set and you are just waiting to board your flight.

Then, unfortunately, your mother or your travelling companion gets involved in an accident and is rushed to the hospital. Do you still progress with your trip? Obviously not, but then again, what happens to your trip? You call your airline, explain your situation, they are very sorry for your situation but the company policy does not offer refunds for last-minute cancellations. You are now left with only one option, cancelling your trip and bearing all the cost.

This is a situation you could have salvaged if you had a travel insurance cover. People get sick and unexpected things to happen. Furthermore, things could be perfect on your side but you still end up cancelling your trip because of interruptions from your destination such as a natural disaster. When you have travel insurance cover, you are not worried if an emergency arises and your vacation is disrupted Hence, before you pay for your once in a lifetime luxury vacation, make sure your investment is insured.

Loss of baggage

Travel insurance that covers loss of luggage can help you to recover losses just in case you lose some of your items while travelling. This is especially useful when you are travelling with expensive items such as photography gear, hiking gear, ski diving gear, etc. The cover also comes in handy for parents who are travelling with their kids. Taking care of those young travellers can really disrupt you and make you more vulnerable to losing your baggage. For your sanity, get a travel insurance cover. However, before you commit, ensure you understand the limitations of the baggage content. You need to know what’s covered, what’s not and any other restrictions that may not go well with you. Only take a cover you are convinced it is going to be beneficial to you.

Easier flight changes

Travel delays occur often than any traveller would want and it’s usually beyond the traveller’s control. Even at that, such occurrences can really ruin your plans not to mention spending long hours at the airport. While there is not much you can do to avoid such instances, every time your flight is delayed, overbooked or cancelled, your travel insurance will kick in and assist you to recuperate expenses.

Travel insurance is also useful when you accidentally miss your connection and end up spending in a city you hadn’t intended to visit. Beyond that, if the delay is as a result of mechanical reason of the plane or related issues, the airline may offer some sort of compensation in return. However, this is not always the case and you shouldn’t expect it either. But when you have travel insurance, whether the airline compensates you or not, you have nothing to worry about.

Perfect vacation assurance

There are so many things that can ruin a good trip. Some are even too minor but they are still capable to see your would have been a memorable vacation turn out to be the worst. When you start your vacation with a canceled flight, a missing suitcase or any other travel hiccup, the excitement you had about your journey quickly fades away. However, if you have a travel insurance cover, it can make some of these situations better. For instance, in case you lose your suitcase, you can just buy other clothes and toiletries and continue enjoying your vacation as the insurance company handles the missing baggage.

Travel safe with travel insurance

Travel insurance cannot prevent misfortunes from taking place during your travels but it offers consolation in form of monetary compensation which can be very useful in such difficult situations. So, as you use your time and resources to plan your perfect vacation, make sure you invest in good travel insurance. It can save you from a terrible situation. Besides, knowing you are covered in case of an accident, sickness or trip cancellation among other emergencies while far away from home can give you peace of mind. Although some people would argue that it’s an added expense, it comes with advantages you don’t want to miss. And again, you will be in a better position to enjoy your vacation knowing you are covered from every angle.

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