Top 10 uncovered regions to travel in Spain

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You must have heard of the beautiful cities of Spain, the sunny and warm beaches, the historic castles and exquisite scenery.

All of these portray how captivating a visit to Spain can be. Beyond the breathtaking landscape, dramatic mountains, scenic coastlines, and pristine waters, there is more to Spain that will blow your mind.

Surprisingly, most tourists do not get to experience these wonders because they are engrossed with popular attractions.

Let’s take a tour around some of the “not-so-popular” marvels. Grab yourself a comfortable seat and a cup of coffee (maybe) as we uncover these spectacular regions.

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1. Andalusia

This gem of a town lies beautifully on the southern coastline of Spain. It’s home to elegant Moorish architecture, dynamic landscape, and historical landmarks.

It’s a perfect blend of tall mountains and the arid deserts lies the calm lake Negratin. The scenery is ideal for hiking and horse riding. If you have an appetite for a little adventure, you can try rock climbing too.

The history of Andalusia with the Moors and Romans makes this city center of attraction in Spain. Some impressive cities you should visit are Sevilla, Cordoba, and Almeira.

2. Asturias

A trip to the northern coastline of Spain will lead to the small region of Asturias. Sitting side by side with the Bay of Biscay and the cliff filled coast, this area is renowned for its breathtaking beaches and cliffs that adorn the landscape.

As you go further past its dramatic mountains, you will be ushered into a vast and dynamic woodland. Its green and mountainous landscape earned this area its popular name, “Green Spain”.

The weather is also a thing of wonder, and it seems to have a life of its own. A combination of its green mountains and wavy sea creates a peaceful atmosphere for everyone who visits the region.

The historical cities of Gijon and Oviedo will leave you in awe with their stunning cultural landmarks.

3. Balearic Island

If you are looking to have a great time by the Mediterranean Sea and fill your eyes with sights of amazing nature’s gifts, the Balearic Island should be your next stop.

Its nerve-calming atmosphere, pleasant beaches, and colorful seaside villages have attracted millions of visitors from home and abroad. Every visit to this island is a new experience, and you can never have enough of it.

Its islands are also known for their sparkling waters and astonishing view. Tourists also get to tours picturesque cities like Mao and Palma de Mallorca with an impressive cathedral to behold.

4. Basque Country

Arguably one of the most visited areas of Spain, the Basque county is laden with a rich culture and history. Basque has an identity of its own that makes it stand out from other regions in Spain.

Its distinct Language and fascinating tourist attractions give Basque an exciting place to visit. The region is gifted with picture-perfect topography – from the mountains to the valleys and rivers that crisscross the landscape in beautiful…

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