Vital items to pack for a beach vacation

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If you are heading to the beach for a vacation, this article is meant for you. It shares vital information concerning beach vacations and everything you need to bring along in order to enjoy your beach adventures stress-free.

Beaches are beautiful places to be. They provide one of the most relaxing destinations one would want to explore. They are gorgeous, the views are breathtaking and they offer numerous activities to people of all ages. They are ideal places for families because every member of the family from the elderly to the toddlers will find something meaningful to do.

Packing can be a challenge if you are not familiar with your destination. Packing the wrong items or packing more than you will need can be a pain on the neck because you’ll have a big suitcase that isn’t useful. Besides, you can be forced to buy certain crucial items when you are already at your destination. This should be avoided at all costs because it can easily blow up your travel budget and limit the way you had intended to spend your beach vacation.

Hence, if you want to save yourself from the extra worry and inconveniences, use this checklist to help you pack everything you will need during your next beach vacation. It’s the only checklist you will need whether you are travelling solo, as a pair or as a group for a few days or even for an entire month!

1. A beach bag

Before you even think about the items you will need, think about where you will pack them. You need a good quality beach bag spacious enough to hold all your beach essentials. A good beach bag should be sturdy and easy to clean. If you can get one that is water-resistant, the better. A good example being a Balenciaga bag, why not?

2. Swimsuit

If you are truly wondering what to pack for your beach vacation, a swimsuit should be the first item. It is one of the main beach essentials you cannot do without. Pack at least two swimsuits so that you can always have an extra dry one. When purchasing a swimsuit, look for something fitting, supportive, lightweight and of course, stylish.

3. Towels

Towels are also very useful when going to the beach. You cannot go to the beach without a towel not unless you don’t intend to get into the water or soak in the sand. A large beach towel is good for lounging on, drying off after a swim and wiping the sand off your body but if you have limited space, even a lightweight beach towel will still serve the purpose. If you love travelling light, then a nice sarong can double up as a towel. When going as a family, a set of towels would be more convenient and you can easily get a discount if you are purchasing.

4. Portable cooler

If you are wondering what’s the need for a cooler when going to the beach, then ask yourself where you will keep your cold drinks. A good trip to the beach isn’t complete without a few cold drinks and some healthy snacks. Get a good cooler that is able to keep your beverages cold all day long or even longer. A cooler that is leak-proof and resistant to mildew and punctures with robust zippers should serve you pretty well for longer.

On the same note, don’t feel like you are wasting your money when investing in a durable portable cooler. Apart from using it during your beach vacations, you can as well use it for various outdoor activities such as road tripping, canoeing, camping or just a day to the local park.

5. A cover-up

When packing for your beach trip, ensure you pack a cover-up. It is one of those beaches wears that you cannot do without not unless you don’t want to protect your skin from the harsh sun rays. More so, a cover-up particularly come in handy if the management of the beach you are going to doesn’t allow beachgoers to wear a swimsuit only. Get a cute one if you are planning to take some photos.

6. Loose pants

Loose pants are perfect for a beach vacation. They are particularly a staple if you are heading to a conservative destination. The most impressive thing about loose pants is that they are easy to pack and they don’t take much space. Make sure you pack a few pairs of relaxed pants so that nothing gets in your way whenever you want to rest and unwind at the beach.

7. Warm clothes

Although beaches are known to be hot and sunny, evenings can get colder. Hence, you will need warm attire to keep you warm and comfortable as you relax and maybe sip your drink. If you are planning to head to the cold water coastline or your vacation is scheduled during cold weather, then you will need to bring along something a little warmer like a heavy classic pullover.

8. Flip-flops

A pair of sandals is a necessity when going to the beach. Seriously, they are the best type of shoes while at the beach. A great choice of sandals when vacationing at the beach should have a hard rubber sole and water-resistant for more comfort. A nice classy pair can help you achieve a fabulous casual beach look any day.

9. Sunhat

You shouldn’t think about going to the beach if you haven’t bought a good sunhat. A stylish beach hat won’t only protect you from the sun but will also set the mood for the vacation. Getting one or two isn’t a problem because they are plenty in the market. Make sure you get one that matches your swimsuit for a more fashionable look.

10. Sunscreen

Sunscreen is definitely a must-have when going for a beach vacation. Don’t expose yourself to skin cancer while all you needed to do was to apply sunblock. Also, ensure you pack enough because purchasing it at your beach destination can be extremely expensive. The most recommended sunscreen should be eco-friendly that is mineral-based. Although the cost might be a little bit higher, it doesn’t contain harmful chemicals and it will give your skin the much-needed protection.

Packing for a memorable beach vacation

There is something special about taking a beach vacation. Well, could this be associated with the endless swimming in the ocean, basking in the sun or just enjoying the incredible sea breeze? Whatever makes you happy when at the beach will indeed make you happier when you carry the right items. Therefore, make good use of this beach packing checklist so that you have a successful beach vacation anytime you choose to head to the beaches.

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