Vital tips for a beginner traveler

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Traveling for the first time can give you mixed reactions such as excitement, hope and even at some point fear particularly if you are travelling alone to an unfamiliar destination. Sincerely, as a newbie traveler, you are more vulnerable than an experienced traveller you will soon become. Thus, you need to learn a few things to help you enjoy your trips.

When travelling for the first time, there is what you expect from your trip and there is what you will actually experience. Both of them are great feelings and can even encourage you to start organizing for that vacation you have been procrastinating about.

Of course, as a beginner traveller, it’s normal and very much in order to make mistakes. Don’t be surprised if you get lost, lose money, pack too much or trust too easily. However, making certain mistakes can be too expensive to an extent of completely ruining your trip or worse still, putting your life at risk. That’s why consulting a travel guru before embarking on your first trip is of great importance.

Since not everyone will get a chance to consult a travel expert, use these helpful travel tips to inspire you as well as answer any questions and concerns you may have. Plus, they will help you to avoid making costly mistakes that the travelers before you made due to lack of knowledge.

Learn about your destination

With the availability and affordability of internet services, you do not have to go to a destination to know a thing or two about it. Before you even settle on a particular destination, find out everything you can about that destination. Knowing how a particular place looks like can help you to decide if this is where you really want to go.

Choose your destination wisely

In the beginning, you can start somewhere easy. Even travelling a few miles out of your town for just a weekend can turn out to be a great trip. This doesn’t necessarily mean that you shouldn’t consider going beyond your country because this is your first time. It is just that traveling out of your country will require more planning and preparation. For instance, if you are going beyond your country of residence, find out if you will need a visa and if yes, the protocols to follow in order to get it. You will also need to know about any travel advisory especially now the world is dealing with the coronavirus pandemic.

Know the weather condition

You need to know the climatic conditions of the place you are going to during the time of your stay. This will help you to know the kind of outfits and gear to pack.

Learn their customs

Do not forget to research the customs of the destination you are going to. This tip is usually super important if you are going to a remote area where moderation has not taken full effect. If you do not want to be the centre of attraction, then it would be wise to bring along decent clothing that won’t make you appear like an obvious tourist. When you look like one of them, you will enjoy your holiday in peace. More so, pack enough toiletries just in case they aren’t available at your destination.

Get a good traveling bag

The main item you’ll need to invest in is a good-quality travelling bag. You will need a bag to pack your traveling essentials. As a beginner traveler, it is best you go for a backpack. It should be enough to pack all your belongings. A large suitcase is good only if you are planning to bring several bulky gears. Otherwise, traveling in a suitcase can be very cumbersome and inconvenient.

Pack light

As a beginner traveller, it’s not easy to pack light. Distinguishing from the items you will really use and the ones you think you will use is pretty difficult considering you don’t have any experience to rely on. Instead of packing clothes enough for your entire trip, pack just a few. If you are going for two to three days, then you can pack for your entire trip but if you are going for a few weeks, you can pack clothes worth a week and make use of laundry services for the rest of your stay. When packing, wear heavy outfits on the travel day. Choose dull coloured trousers and sweaters so it’s easy to wear them often. If the weather to your destination is cold, consider layering instead of bulky heavy outfits. Do whatever you can do to pack light. It is the only way you can explore your destination without incurring unnecessary costs.

Book for accommodation early

For sure you don’t want to remember your first vacation as when you got stranded in a new destination and didn’t know where you’ll spend the night. Whether you intend to spend in a hotel, a hostel, a campsite or Airbnb, make reservations on time. Before you book, review their websites and what the others who have stayed there say about the place. If a majority recommends the place and what the few are complaining about is not a problem to you, then you can go ahead and make your reservation. If you know someone like a colleague, a friend or a family member who knows the destination you are going to, you can ask for recommendations. Also, if you aren’t sure about a place and you will be in that destination for a while, you can reserve for at least a day or two and then after settling, you can look for another place. It is wise and safe to have a place for the night you arrive even if it is not up to your standard.

Get travel insurance

If you ask most travel veterans, they will tell you travel insurance is vital. The fact that you are heading out for the first time doesn’t give you the protection in case something goes wrong while you are out there. Emergencies happen everywhere at any time and nobody is immune to such predicaments. Love yourself more and get a travel insurance cover before you pack those bags and head to your maiden vacation.

Go beyond a guidebook

A guidebook is an essential item for a beginner traveller and it can provide you with an amazing way to learn your destination. However, living by it throughout your stay can also deny you a lot of other exciting opportunities. The latest attractions, restaurants, bars and such things aren’t found in those guidebooks. So, which is the best way to go about it? Use a guidebook but still look for a way to interact with the locals. The locals have a wealth of information that can help you to know your destination better and make your stay more fruitful.

Enjoy your trips just like the legends do

Take advantage of the above tips to prepare yourself for your upcoming maiden vacation. If you follow them well, you will save yourself money, time and the frustrations associated with travelling to unknown destinations. Besides, they will also help you to prepare for your future trips.

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