Why you must keep visiting Paris

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The French capital is an enthralling city you need to visit often. The beauty of Paris is that it has something for everyone. Your first visit will be magical of course but even the subsequent visits will be full of amazing new things to see and do. From iconic attractions such as Eiffel Tower to the most famous museums, you cannot lack something to entertain you.

For centuries, Paris has remained among the most attractive cities in the world. It is a perfect destination to people who are looking for entertainment, business or even further their studies. The weather is also fairly temperate though it can change especially during winter and spring. If you are still not convinced that Paris is your most ideal destination, here are exciting reasons why you should begin packing to Paris.

Visit the famous Eiffel tower

Who doesn’t want to enjoy the magical view of this colossal landmark? The tower was completed in 1889 and has remained the famous symbol of French civic pride. If you want to conquer your fear of heights in style, try going to the top. You will experience an extraordinary 360-degree view of Paris. The view will leave you breathless. If you just can’t fight your fear of heights, at least reach the second level for a better view of the city. If you choose to do it at night, the shining light show from the Iron Lady is mesmerizing. Don’t forget to take selfies with your loved ones. Such memorable moments are worth for a lifetime.

Visit Normandy D-Day beaches

No matter how many times you have been to Normandy D-Day beaches, it remains one of those destinations you want to visit again and again. There is nothing quite fascinating than seeing where Canadian, American, British and other nation’s troops landed during D-Day after the end of World War II in person. The view is breathtaking. The easiest way to land here is to book for a 1-day trip. The trip offers a convenient and enjoyable ride to such an epic place.

It’s the city of romance

Planning to propose to the love of your life or you just want to rekindle your love? Go for a vacation in Paris. Its reputation as the city of love still runs up to date. The bridges, the rivers and the spires of Notre Dame can give you the jitters you need to fall in love again and again. How about a stroll at the gardens of Fontainebleau? Even a visit to the hilltop district where Edith Piaf was born would be fantastic. Wrap up the magical views with dinner at La Fermette Marboeu. You will not only indulge in various delicacies but you will also enjoy the view of the Ark Nouveau décor.

Day trips to famous places

There is so much you can do while in Paris. You see, just beyond Paris lies a number of thrilling sites to explore. For instance, day trip tours from Paris offers tourists like you a chance to visit destinations like Disneyland, Mount Saint Michel and fabulous Loire Valley Castles among other renounced places within a day or two. Thanks to high-speed transportation, it’s pretty easy to make day trips from Paris to various famous destinations around Paris. You can actually take a day trip to London, enjoy the magnificent views, sample delicious wines and still return to Paris in time. There are no limitations in Paris. You just need to organize yourself and be ready to have lots of fun.

Beautiful gardens

Paris is proud to be a destination to some of the most attractive gardens in the world like Tuileries and Luxembourg gardens. These offer epic places to just relax and unwind. They are also ideal for families with children. The kids can get engaged in fun activities such as pony rides, puppet shows and sail their toy boats across pools. This gives the adults a chance to enjoy each other’s company in such cosy areas.

It’s the shoppers’ world

If you are a shopaholic, reduce your cravings with a visit to Paris, France. It’s only in Paris that you will come across super amazing shopping stores enough to stock up all your Paris fashion needs. The city has both trendy boutiques and open-air markets leaving you to make the choice where to do your shopping.

If you want to shop for Christmas items, then schedule your visit from mid-November to the end of December when Christmas markets have sprouted up around the city. For the famous winter and summer sales, January to February and June to July is the most ideal months.

Food and drinks

You haven’t tested the most delicious food and wine if you haven’t been to Paris. When it comes to delicacies, Paris will indeed please your palate. You need to indulge in the trendiest bistros servings, bakery-fresh croissants and a cup of hot chocolate at Angelina. Whenever you are in Paris, you can be guaranteed your appetite issues will be well taken care of.

The bottom line

Whenever you need to take a break from hustles and bustles of daily life, Paris is indeed the place to be. Its magnificent beauty is what you need to relax, rest and just be happy about life. Take your spouse to the city of love and witness your love life-improving to a higher level. Paris is a perfect destination to solo travellers, couples and even large families. It has something for everyone.

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