Top reasons why Zaragoza is worth visiting

Zaragoza cityscape panorama with the bridge Puente de Piedra and Cathedral Basilica del Pilar

Zaragoza is Spain’s fifth-largest city and the capital of the region of Aragon.

Most times, Zaragoza is overlooked. In fact, it’s the most underrated city in the country. Unfortunately, it is not as popular as some of other Spain’s big cities such as Barcelona, Valencia, Seville, and Madrid. However, that doesn’t stop it from being a great tourist attraction destination.

Zaragoza is a unique city with an incredible combination of history and modernity. Many historical places are well preserved you can visit and learn more about the past of this city. At the same time, there is a modern-day city with incredible infrastructure.

So, if you are thinking of heading to Spain for your next vacation, here are just a few reasons why Zaragoza should be your number one choice.

Fascinating history

Zaragoza is a special city with over 2000 years of history. There is much to learn and discover in Zaragoza. Just like the other Spanish cities, Zaragoza has had its fair share of civilization as well as bloody wars. This is the same city that fell into Napoleon’s invading army. What you see today is what this city’s ancestors fought so strongly to hold.

Zaragoza is filled with fascinating history from old Roman theatres, Moorish fortresses, and museums to historical architectures. This is also the city whose streets have evidence of the passage of four civilizations which include Christians, Romans, Jews, and Muslims. Generally, there are so many well-preserved historical places in Zaragoza you can walk into and explore.

Explore new attractions

The mere fact that this is one place you probably have never heard about before is enough to make you decide you’ll not only read about it in travel blogs but you’ll actually visit it in person. As much as it’s thrilling to visit a famous destination you have heard of for so long, it’s even more fascinating when you are visiting a rarely discussed place.

You’ll be very eager to go and see the place plus you’ll have a lot to share with many other people who haven’t been there. Zaragoza is such one place. Even it being the country’s fifth-largest city has passed many travellers attention. Hence, it’s a good idea you book a trip here and discover the many things that haven’t been discovered yet.

Again, would it not be interesting to go to a place most of your relatives haven’t gone to yet? You’ll not only seem to be more adventurous but you’ll also have a chance to explore such a beautiful place without dealing with crowds. Zaragoza is in fact a great place to go when you want to relax and enjoy some quiet moments.

Zzaragoza Plaza del Pilar square

Unique street art

Zaragoza is beautified by cool street art in almost every corner and there are centuries-old arts to discover here.

The narrow street of El Tubo is the leading with numerous funky street arts. If you are a fan of street art, then this is definitely a perfect destination any time you feel like hitting the road.

The kind of art you’ll find in Zaragoza is unique in entire Europe. Everything from buildings, parks to abandoned plots has been beautified with art by both Spanish and international artists. As you walk through the streets the evidence of colourful surprising pieces of stencils, stickers, and graffiti among other interesting kinds of street art in almost every space you glance at.

Both the residents and travellers enjoy passing through the streets feeding their eyes with such a jaw-dropping street gallery. This art has drawn many people’s attention to an extent that it is now used as an international reference point for art students and lovers of this type of art.

Tasty Aragonese cuisine

Travelling is discovering new places, meeting new people but most importantly, getting immersed fully through indulging in some of their traditional cuisines. Whether you have a sweet tooth or you are into salty foods, one thing you can be sure about Zaragoza food is that you’ll enjoy your meals throughout your stay. More so, there is a wide range of delicacies to choose from but there are a few dishes you must ensure you taste.

These dishes include:

  • Borage with potatoes
  • Chicken chilindron
  • Aragonese crumbs
  • Bacalao Ajoarriero
  • Rice with milk
  • Fruits of Aragon
  • Roast of Ternasco de Aragon

To view the magical River Ebro

River Ebro can make you want to visit Zaragoza just to see its beauty in person. It is the longest river in Spain and the second-longest on the Iberian Peninsula. Of course, you can come across this river in several cities in Spain but, for a perfect view of this amazing river, the best place to view it would be Zaragoza since this city sits on its banks. This also makes Zaragoza a great destination when you want a vacation near the water.

Witness works by Francisco de Goya

Zaragoza is one of the best places in the world you have a good chance to see the works of Francisco de Goya.

Francisco de Goya was a famous Spanish artist. He was born in a small town of Fuendetodos about 28 miles south of Zaragoza. As such, it isn’t difficult to find some of his best works in Zaragoza. If you want to see his best work, make sure you visit the Collection Ibercaja Museum Zaragoza Goya. This particular building houses some of his most important works.

Best for day trips

The good thing about Zaragoza is the fact that you don’t necessarily have to spend a few nights here to experience the beauty of this city. You can be here for just a day and create lifelong memories thanks to the availability of numerous day trips.

Among the places near Zaragoza, accessible within a day tour include the Piedra Monastery, the Mudejar town of Tarazona, and the abandoned ghost town Belchite. Choose either of these day trips to experience the best of Zaragoza and its environs.

Explore two unique cathedrals

Zaragoza is home to two magnificent cathedrals. These two buildings will amaze you right from the outside all the way to the inside. The iconic Bacillica de Nuestra Señora del Pilar stands next to the river and it has Moorish-style towers and domes. The other one is the Cathedral del Salvador de Zaragoza which combines Romanesque, baroque, and Mudejar styles.

Plaza de Nuestra Señora del Pilar square in Zaragoza, Aragon, Spain

Discover what Zaragoza has to offer

Although it’s rarely talked about or even considered by most international travellers, Zaragoza is a fantastic place and an amazing tourist attraction destination. Many tourists who come here are mesmerized by its beauty. They even wonder why they hadn’t chosen it earlier. Thus, if you are planning to tour Spain, make sure Zaragoza is on your itinerary. It has so much to offer its visitors from fascinating attractions, good food to affordable yet luxurious accommodation.

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