12 exciting options to consider while spending time during long stopovers

long stopovers

While most people glorify travelling, anyone rarely talk about one small aspect, the endless wait for your connecting flight to your destination. A stopover or layover is usually the annoying reminder that you are only about halfway through your destination. However, there are sure-shot ways of dealing with the endless waiting at airports.

Whether you have to spend a couple of hours or 18 hours, we have curated a list of things you can do even when you are on a budget. We’ve even included some of the most popular tourist spots in and around you’re your stopover locations and how you get around in those cities when you are time-bound.

1. Carry your entertainment and/or work along with you for the stopover

You can consider the following: a book, a pack of playing cards, research materials for a particular essay that you were planning on getting through while you were flying. You can pack things which you can carry easily and won’t take up a lot of space so that you can use them when you arrive in your stopover destination.

If you love writing, you can make use of the free WiFi at airports and write something about the journey. Or you can send out work emails, or even start writing your essay (so you won’t have to consider hiring a dissertation writing company in the last moment).

2. Explore the airport art galleries

Many airports have spaces dedicated to art enthusiasts. Get yourself a detailed map of the airport or go through their website to check if there are any galleries in the one that you are stopping over.

The following are some airports that are known for having dedicated art galleries on the premises: Amsterdam, Atlanta, Beijing, Edinburgh, Helsinki, London, San Francisco, Singapore, and Jacksonville etc.

3. Gorge on the local delicacies

If you have some hours to spare during a stopover, you can go ahead and try some local cuisine in the airport. Now those of us who travel frequently would vouch for the fact that in-flight meals don’t quite serve up the gourmet experience and allow you to treat your taste buds like you would imagine. Airports generally consist of many fancy restaurants and cafés, which offer you with many options to indulge in gourmet meals, and even wine-tasting.

However, if you are on a tight budget you can still try the free food samples that are available in various food counters around the airport.

4. Explore the places around while on a layover

If you have more than eight hours during your stopover, you can easily go out exploring. Now this might need a sort of planning, as you will need to know the distance you have to cover to get to the closest tourist attractions, and whether you’ll have time to see everything. Also, you must check if you need a visa to leave the airport. Most of the time, you will be allowed to roam around a city with a “transit without visa”, but it’s always good to be cautious considering visa requirements keeps changing…

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