What should travel insurance cover?

travel insurance cover

You never think it’ll happen to you. Lost bags, cancelled flights, travel scams, even airlines going bust. But after a run of bad news for travellers, the odds aren’t always in our favour.

Ryanair’s thousands of flight cancellations seemed bad enough, only to be followed by Monarch folding altogether, affecting hundreds of thousands of bookings. Last month, check-in software problems left airports briefly in chaos too with passengers missing planes as a result – not to mention BA’s IT meltdown earlier in the year.

It always amazes me when people don’t have travel insurance at all – but as many have been discovering, even if you think you’re covered, you might find your policy lets you down just when you need it.

Over two thirds expect insurance to cover the cost of rebooking a missed flight and all connected travel and accommodation expenses, while half think it will cover them if they miss the flight after arriving late or because of increased security – sadly, that isn’t the case with standard policies.

So I suspect I’m not the only one who’s been checking the small print of my own annual cover recently for exclusions and taking some tips from the experts to work out just what should travel insurance cover?

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