7 incredible reasons to visit Qatar

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Qatar is a peninsular Arab country in the Persian Gulf. From a poor British protectorate, Qatar has been able to transform itself into one of the Middle East’s richest countries over the years. It may be one of the smallest nations around the Arabian Gulf but the adventure and luxury you get to experience here are on another level.

One of the obvious reasons to visit Qatar is its ever-growing tourism industry. But on top of that, Qatar has some of the most fascinating infrastructures in the world. This is one of the fewest places in the world you are guaranteed to enjoy a perfect vacay whether alone or with the company regardless of your type of travel. Whether you are travelling to explore, for adventure or just to relax and unwind, Qatar is ready for you.

If you aren’t convinced yet, here are 7 incredible reasons why Qatar should be your next vacation destination.

1. Great weather

If you are looking to enjoy a sunny vacation, Qatar won’t disappoint you. Qatar is truly a country under the sun. Here, the sun is always shining be it at the seashore or in the desert. And even when it’s not, the weather is still pleasant.

Qatar is one country that enjoys pleasant weather all year round. Winters are pretty mild with favourable temperatures during the day. January is the coldest of them all and the temperatures can range from 12 to 21 degrees centigrade. Summers can reach up to 41.5 degrees centigrade in July; the hottest month. Qatar typically rains during winter with July being the wettest month. So, you can schedule your visit depending on the kind of weather you want to experience.

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2. The interesting blend between tradition and modernity

Qatar is a country rich in history with evidence nearly everywhere you visit from UNESCO world heritage sites, marketplaces to architecture. This is not to mean that it’s a country living in the past though. It is in the same country you will come across some of the most modern buildings and other amenities available in the world. The innovative skyscrapers of Doha are just one example.

The blend of modern and tradition offered by Qatar is difficult to find in any other part of the world. So, as a visitor here, you’ll get to experience its heritage but at the same time, indulge in sophisticated modern amenities from transport, accommodation and lifestyle. There is a mix of international cultures that you won’t feel odd out regardless of your cultural beliefs.

3. Great for outdoor adventure

If you are an outdoor enthusiast, a vacation in Qatar will be one of your most memorable ones. It is one destination you can be guaranteed of enough adrenaline-pumping activities throughout your stay no matter how active you are.

There are so many outdoor adventures you can engage in here. For example, you can explore ancient forts, climb sand dunes, go scuba diving or skydive over the Arabian Gulf just to mention but a few. Amongst all the outdoor adventures you can participate in during your holiday in Qatar, the desert tour is the most famous one. In fact, very few have come to Qatar and failed to take part in this special tour. When doing your dessert safari, consider riding a camel for a more memorable experience.

The sand is not your only adventure during your visit to Qatar while you have a chance to kitesurf along the coast and kayak through the Al Dharika Mangroves. In general, Qatar is your number one choice of destination whenever you want to engage in interesting physical outdoor activities away from home.

4. Fascinating museums

Qatar’s museums are impressive both from outside to inside. In addition to their beauty, they could be home rare artefacts. If you have time, you can visit all of them but if you are on a short visit, then ensure you visit the National Museum of Qatar. Designed in the style of a desert rose, the National Museum of Qatar has a lot to offer to any visitor who is looking to learn more about Qatar history.

Another must-visit is the Museum of Islamic Art. It is located on the Corniche in the Qatari capital Doha. Designed by an award-winning architect, this iconic building will definitely interest you to see even what is inside. Don’t forget to take pictures; they’ll look good on your photo album when you get back home.

5. Awesome shopping experience

If you intend to shop during your vacation in Qatar, plan for a day or two in Doha; the capital and pride of Qatar. Moreover, ensure you are well prepared and you have a budget for it. Otherwise, don’t be surprised if you end up shopping beyond your budget. With all the available choices in both modern and traditional ways of shopping, buying more than you had intended isn’t unexpected.

6. Experience the Islamic culture

If you are eager to learn and experience Islamic culture, consider a trip to Qatar. You will not only learn and experience it but you will do so from a different angle. If this is your intention, the first place to begin is the Islamic Arts Museum in Doha. It has some of the most remarkable collections in the region. Plus impressive pieces of Islamic history collected from different regions such as India, Syria and Ottoman.

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7. Suitable for a quick getaway

Do you have a weekend to spare for a short getaway, go to Qatar. Qatar is a 6 to 7 hours flight if you live in any of the southeast or mid-west countries. Consider booking with a tour operator so as to experience the best the country has to offer within that short time. But if you don’t want to have a scheduled itinerary, you can just stick to what you find more interesting.

8. No communication barrier

If local languages intimidate you, it may surprise you to know that Qatar is different. Even though Arabic is the official national language here, most people both the locals and guest workers are well conversant with the English language. As long as you can communicate in English, you won’t feel left out.

9. Get the value of your money

This is one destination you are sure to get the value for your money. If you are looking to experience a luxurious vacation, Qatar has everything for you from luxury hotels, dining options to upscale shopping malls.

However, this is not to say a traveller on a budget isn’t considered. You can still explore Qatar on a budget however limited it is. You can find super affordable hotel rooms and means of transport. In short, it all depends on what you are looking for and how much you’ve planned to spend.

Travel to Qatar

Despite its lack of natural attractions except for the few desert landscapes, Qatar is still an awesome place to be. It has some of the most fascinating infrastructures in the world which include both modern buildings and ancient forts. If you haven’t been to Qatar yet, what are you waiting for?

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