Making preparations for your long journey: what to pay attention to?

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A long journey can be fascinating and adventurous if you prepare everything well. In particular, when you go with your family, there will be many things to make a preparation carefully.

So, how to prepare your car for a long journey? This article provides you with things you need to check or take with when driving. Let’s get started now!

Checklist for A Long Road Trip

Fluid Levels

The fluids here include the brake fluid, engine oil, and antifreeze. You should make sure all of them are topped up before departing your trip.


This seems to be one of the most crucial parts to check before starting your journey. They have to be in good condition. To be more specific, the tread depth is compatible with the legal requirement of 1.6mm. Besides, the manufacturer pumps them to the correct pressure.

So, the great idea here is that you need to prepare all the equipment. They are the things you need to change the punctured tires when you are on route.


If you find that the brakes are soft, they might be too thin. It means that you have to replace them. The other case is you will hear some harsh grinding sounds. And it means that the brake pads may be worn out. Therefore, you also need to change them before taking out the car.


You should get a mechanic to check all the lights before setting off. Moreover, you are required to drive with headlights in the evening and at night. So, you ensure to carry some spare bulbs.

Backup Pack

In case there has been an unexpected breakdown, you need to prepare a backup pack. It can include first aid kit, duct tape, or jump leads. Besides, if you plan to travel abroad, you should check the rules in that specific country. For example, you can carry a breathalyzer when traveling to France.

Get Breakdown Coverage

There still may be some breakdowns or accidents happening despite your preparation. To make sure of everything, you have to check your car insurance to the place you will travel through.

Know Your Route Clearly

Fortunately, people often use Google Maps or some other traveling apps nowadays. These apps will keep you on the right track. But you still look for the route before leaving.

Besides, you need to check ahead to know whether some parts are affected by roadworks or not. Or you can use the website to check before starting your trip.

Schedule in Rest Stops

The other impact can be tiredness. It will influence much if you are careless. To avoid falling asleep when driving, you should plan some breaks. Furthermore, you can use Google Maps to look for some service stations which are suitable for having a rest.

Another tool is the Motorway Services app or Moto. They are great tools to find discounts for drinks and food and service stations. This helps you to save money on snacks as well as keep you safe on the road.

Make Your Vehicle Comfortable

As you will be driving for many hours at a time, you should ensure that every one your car feels comfortable. When sitting in your position, you can use the pedals, gear stick, or the steering wheel comfortably. You do not have to stretch and feel crammed in.

Besides, the seat should be upright for you to withstand sitting in a long period. It also helps to avoid bad posture.

Secure Your Caravans and Bikes

People often carry many things for a long trip, which means that the vehicle carries extra weight. The car should not be overloaded, and you fasten everything securely.

In case you want to take bikes with you, you need to equip a proper cycle carrier. If you want to town the caravan with a bicycle carrier, you may need a flange ball tow bar. So, you make sure that all items and luggage will not block your view from the back or front of your car.

Avoid Overloading Your Car

You should distribute the weight of items and luggage evenly around the car. If you want your car to struggle with extra weight, extending the air pressure in the tires will be a good idea. Another way is to adjust your headlights’ angle.

When there is a heavier load on your car, it might take longer to accelerate or a brake. It means that you have to be aware of this during your journey. Accordingly, you adjust your driving appropriately. Also, the steering can be affected, so it is wise to be cautious when using a roundabout or turning corners.

Last-Minute Preparation

It is worth checking again before taking off. The last-minute preparation is a must as it helps you avoid unnecessary distractions.

Firstly, before going, you should pre-program your satnav to avoid placing in destinations. Secondly, you plan breaks as it is crucial to take breaks regularly if driving a long way. Finally, you ensure that you can access your paperwork easily. These include insurance documents, your driver’s license.

If you travel abroad, you should bring your passports, travel documents or tickets.

Bottom Lines

Many sudden difficulties are happening on a long journey. Although it can be a small vehicle breakdowns, it still becomes serious trouble when you are on the road. That is why you have to prepare carefully for such a long trip in advance.

After reading this article, you now have the answer to how to prepare your car for a long journey. Hopefully, you will have a memorable trip with your family soon.

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