5 tips for a family RV vacation that they’ll always remember

Family in rv on summer road trip

On the RV vacation, the parents can relax while their children can play games with each other. A family vacation on an RV will give everyone their freedom and weld the family closer together. That’s why this article gives you 5 tips for a family RV vacation that they’ll always remember.

We will show you how you can plan your vacation with children in the RV in the most exciting and relaxing way.

Travel Tip 1: Size matters!

If you are looking for a suitable rental RV for your family trip, there are a few things to consider for the perfect vehicle. First, the more people travel, the more functions the car has to perform. With a multi-functional RV, one thing is sometimes overlooked, the size.

No matter how sophisticated the inner life in the RV is, the dimension still matters. If you are traveling with children on an RV frequently, choose a larger size. Our recommendation for a holiday RV with children is to visit with three people and select a vehicle for 4 to 5 people.

It is a way to ensure that every family member has enough space, even for their luggage. Mobile homes with beds in the alcove is particularly family-friendly in this case. The beds are extendable and adjustable to give your children enough space for movements.

Travel Tip 2: Do not move so fast!

If you rent an RV and plan to travel all over Spain in ten days, you better switch down a gear for your children and your nerves. Even for adults, it is tiring to drive from one place and settle in another place every day and to be ready to start again in the morning.

Most adults want to explore things on their vacation. They have goals and know about the preciousness of every single vacation day. However, for children in the RV, especially for individual children, traveling is often more exhausting.

During a motorhome holiday with children, it is better to stay in one place for several days and allow your youngsters to explore the area and maybe make a friendship with local citizens.

Travel Tip 3: How to camp with your children?

The packing list for RV holidays with children is complicated but does not differ from the one you plan for a hotel holiday. It may sound boring, but it ultimately saves you time, money, and nerves.

Essential items

Imagine the individual stages of your trip and think about what should not be missing, drinks, snacks, and some activity for the journey, for example. Some toys for kids are not an awful idea.

Rechargeable batteries and chargers for all the technical refinements that simplify the camping experience are essential. Especially sun protection is vital for children in RVs.

Protective items

Your children will probably spend a lot more time outdoors than at home, especially the sensitive children’s skin must then be protected. Sunglasses, sun hats, and anti-UV liquids are mandatory.

Unique UV protective clothing can offer additional protection, especially on southern beaches. One advice is when you should pack the first aid kit and an insect repellent together. It will shoo away the annoying insects and bugs from your whole family vacation.

Manage via mobile apps

Notably, using the mobile app to manage the items is convenient for busy parents.

For Apple devices, the “Pack the Bag” app is recommended. This app designs your packing list according to your specifications or makes suggestions for you depending on your trip type (camping or road trip).

For Android devices, we recommend the app of “PackKing.” This app is also based on your specifications and creates a checklist for your holiday type.

Also, for every RV trip, you need to check tire pressure and the condition of your RV tires. Every five pounds per square inch (psi) of tire pressure you lose can translate into a two percent loss of gas mileage. You can usually find your recommended pressure on the inside of the driver’s side door.

Travel Tip 4: Don’t set too many rules!

Most children nowadays have a game console or at least a smartphone from an early age. Smart devices should not be in the foreground during a camper vacation with children. Many parents would like to banish these devices from the camper entirely.

However, leaving a game console or cell phone at home would not be the best solution as with a technology ban, your children are unlikely to make friends. It is entirely legitimate to play the video game and use a cell phone on family vacations with a time limit.

You will undoubtedly do the same at home, and there is no reason to throw away all the rules of everyday life during a camper vacation with children. But when you are stuck in the traffic jam, you will be grateful that you have packed the game console!

Travel Tip 5: Set-up holiday routines

Is it the best vacation with absolutely no rule? It will not work, because laws not only restrict, they also provide security and make many things more comfortable. Especially for children in the RV, where several people are together in a confined space, and many opinions come together, a few rules are essential for well-management.

Do not be afraid to set up rules and establish routines such as

  • Who goes to the bathroom first in the morning?
  • Where will the dirty laundry go?
  • Which parent goes to the sanitary block with the children?
  • Who is setting the breakfast table?
  • Who takes the garbage away?

If your children are old enough, you can involve them in the planning. Developing routines on motorhome vacations with children not only have the advantage of strengthening communications but also avoids unnecessary arguments.

Final Words

During an RV holiday with children, you will have a wonderful time as a family and maybe get to know each other again. Plan your route carefully, involve your children in the preparations, and find the perfect vehicle for your family vacation.

With our 5 tips for a family RV vacation that they’ll always remember, your trip is guaranteed to be successful and memorable.

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