Everything you need to know about solo travelling

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Most people describe their first solo travel experience as an eye-opener. According to most of them who ended up travelling alone not out of choice but out of circumstances, often say the trip gave them ample opportunities for growth, boundless freedom and enough time for self-reflection. At the end of their first trip, they had already sworn to venture into solo travelling for the rest of their travel life.

If you are considering solo travel for the first time, the mere thought can give you jitters. However, after your virgin solo travel, higher chances are, you will be looking forward to your next solo trip. Here is everything you need know about solo travelling, right from what it entails, tips and the benefits you stand to gain before you hit the read.

Why choose to travel alone?

People travel alone for various reasons. A person can choose to travel alone if they lack a travel partner. This usually happens if the people around you are not interested in the destination you have chosen or they don’t have the time or money to cater for the trip. Let us be honest, you cannot always pay for other people’s trips. Once in a while is absolutely okay but if every time you want to travel with another person you have to cater for their expenses, its time you considered solo travelling.

Another reason why you may choose to travel alone is when you want to have a firsthand experience of solo travelling. No two way around it. The only way to know how solo travelling feels like is to pack your bags and travel alone. Reading a thousand articles about solo travelling won’t give you an experience. They will only guide you to make the best out of your solo travels and remind you that you are already missing a lot. So, instead of contemplating whether you should or should not, please make up your mind and liberate yourself.

What are the advantages of solo travelling?

Safety concerns, boredom or loneliness can make solo travelling unappealing to some people. But do you know the pros of solo travelling outweigh the cons? Besides, you just need to get out of your comfort zone and experience solo travelling breathtaking moments. Below are just a few of those benefits.

An opportunity to meet interesting people

When you travel with a group of friends or family members, you tend to stick to the people you know. This denies you the chance to interact with strangers because you already have company. If you want to expand your circle of friends around the world, travel alone. When alone, you are more social and open to making new friends.

Complete freedom

Most solo travellers have chosen this path because of the freedom associated with it. When you travel as a group, then you just can’t do things on your own. You have to consult others and as the saying goes, the majority wins. When alone, you have the freedom to decide on the places you need to see without worrying that your partner or other people you travelled with will not enjoy it as much as us. The only way to exactly do what your heart desires is to travel solo.

Improve your problem-solving skills

If you want to improve at decision making and problem-solving even in real-life issues, give solo travelling a try. Here, you are left alone to make all the necessary decisions. Plus, in case a problem arises, you are the only one to solve it. Many are times you just cannot decide before you hear the opinion of a friend, a partner or a parent. If you want to overcome this, travelling solo can greatly help you. After all, you are on your own to make all the decisions and approve them.

Vital tips for solo travelling

If you want to tour the world alone and be happy, here are the tips.

Safety first

The biggest concern to people who want to try out solo travelling is their safety. Let’s say you are going to a place that nobody knows you and maybe you do not understand the local language. What happens if you fall sick or get robbed? Being cautious is great but it shouldn’t limit you from being adventurous. The only thing you should keep in mind is that some destinations are more suitable for solo travelling than others. So, choose your destinations wisely. Also, ensure you notify friends and family of your whereabouts so that it’s easier for them to know if something is not right. Travel insurance can also help. Writing an emergency number on a piece of paper is always a good idea. Remember to keep it with you wherever you go.

Plan in advance

If you want to get the most out of your solo travel, make your plans early in advance. Research more about the place you are planning to visit. Gather all the necessary information such as the documents needed, costs involved and the things-to-do. During your research, make sure you find out about the best accommodation available for solos, places to avoid and the amenities available. You also need to know when shops and restaurants close least you sleep hungry on your first day.

Ready for solo travelling?

The information contained here will help you make the best out of your first solo adventure. With all the benefits associated with solo travelling, you absolutely need to organize your first trip alone. Remember to take the necessary safety measures and you will be good to go.

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