Top-rated things to do in the Czech Republic

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The Czech Republic, a small landlocked country in Central Europe is an incredible tourists’ attraction destination consisting of two regions: the Moravia and Bohemia. The country may be among the smallest nations on the continent, but when it comes to tourists’ attractions and things to do, Czech Republic never disappoints.

The Czech Republic is home to impressive historical homes, monasteries and ancient castles. In addition to that, there is plenty of jaw-dropping surrounding natural resources and spa towns purely dedicated to the art of relaxation. Meaning, when you choose to vacate in the Czech Republic, you choose to rest, relax and rejuvenate. By the time you are going back home, you are well-rested and fully energized to get back to work.

If you are into outdoor adventures such as hiking, there is so much to do in the many forests and mountains found in this amazing country.

Furthermore, the country has a first-rate public transit system which makes moving around the country easily, convenient and comfortable. This makes it a great destination for families travelling in large groups or even singles and pairs who cherish easier movements when touring a destination.

While it is possible to spend your entire vacation time exploring the many interesting things Prague has to offer, it would be more fulfilling to go beyond Prague and see what is happening in other cities. To help you make a helpful itinerary, here are among the tops things to do in the Czech Republic. Allow them to inspire you and assist you to make an informative decision next time you plan to go on a vacation.

Tour the Prague castle

Prague castle is actually the focal point for many travellers frequenting the Czech Republic. The castle, dating back from the 10th century, is located in the city’s Hradcany neighbourhood. In terms of the area it covers, it is the largest castle in the world. The castle has undergone tremendous changes in architectural style over its thousand years of existence. Much of these changes can be seen in various constructions within its walls through the centuries.

For centuries, the Prague Castle has been home to Holy Roman Emperors, Bohemian kings and the Habsburgs. In recent times, it is home to the president of the Czech Republic with numerous government apartments and a few museums dedicated to the history and Czech art. When you visit the Prague castle, make sure you don’t miss the changing of the guard. It may not be as pronouncing as the one in Buckingham Palace, but it’s unique and special in its own way. If you happen to visit during the warm season, explore the castle’s terraced gardens.

Visit St Vitus Cathedral

During the same time, you visit the Prague castle, spare a few moments to explore St Vitus Cathedral. It is a massive Gothic-style church built almost 600 years ago. It is among the most richly endowed cathedrals in Central Europe and very pivotal to the cultural and religious life of Czechia. The church is visible from many different points in Prague castle.

More so, you will get to view the bronze doors, the royal mausoleum and the ornate stained glass windows in the chapel. Also, visit the Wenceslas Chapel and admire murals; the 14th-century original depictions of Stations of the Cross and the scenes depicting the life of St. Wenceslas.

Visit the Bone church

The Czech Republic has a number of fascinating locations purely reserved for the remains of people who lost their lives as a result of strange disease or war. Although this is a culture spread across the country, it is more significant in the small town of Sedlec where the ‘’Bone Church’’ is located. If you want, you can get a chance to view the remains of over 70, 000 people who lost their lives between the 14th century and 16th century. Their bodies are displayed in rather a bizarre way including bells, chandeliers, chalices and coats of arm.

Indulge in fruit brandy

You can’t tour the Czech Republic and fail to sample the Czech spirits. Of course, these distilled flavours are not for the faint of heart but sampling them is never a bad idea either. The most well known is the Plum brandy, often called the slivovice. Over the same, don’t ignore the other flavours such as the cherry, pear and apricot. They are also great. There are a few places to taste between Prague and Brno. It shouldn’t be difficult for you to choose the right place for your sampling. You can even ask for recommendations from your tour company or your local friends.

Stroll the Charles Bridge

The Charles Bridge is a must-see attraction site to many travellers. This spectacular bridge is a bow bridge with 16 arches. It is a historic bridge whose construction begun in 1357 and ended at the beginning of the 15th century. It was initially known as the Prague Bridge or Stone Bridge but it was later changed to Charges Bridge, the name that has lasted up to date.

The bridge is a favourite to many tourists due to its extraordinary views. Strolling across the bridge is an awesome adventure. However, if you happen to tour the bridge during peak season, then be prepared to deal with an army of tourists squeezing themselves to pass through the bridge. If you are into travel photography and wants to capture some great views, try to go during the low season when there are fewer people. You can also try early mornings or late evenings when there is less traffic.

Make a marionette puppet

If you want to learn a special skill when vacationing, be sure to make your own marionette puppet when you visit the Czech Republic. Here, there are special theatres dedicated to marionette shows but for an adventurous experience, consider making your own puppet using string. This shouldn’t be difficult. Just get a workshop convenient with your travel schedule and get to learn how to make your own marionette from curving to performing the tricks. Attend your classes diligently so that you can host your own show when you get back home.

Vacationing in the Czech Republic

If you are looking for a good place to visit in Central Europe, look no further, Czech Republic is the place. It is a great destination for travellers of all kinds. Although you can book a day tour, for an unforgettable experience, consider giving it a few days or even weeks. If you do so, you will go back home with a truly unique perspective of this country from breathtaking landscapes, rich culture and warm hospitality. If you go alone, you are likely to bring your entire family next time so that they can also experience the good things you did.

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